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Evacuating the Building

  • The building will be evacuated during fire drills or in other emergencies as outlined in this disaster plan - or when directed by appropriate officials.
  • The designated site for the children to gather for fire drills, or any emergency not requiring evacuation to our alternate site, is on the playground in front of the slide. Regular drills shall be held so that the evacuation can be conducted quickly, calmly and safely.
  • Children will be signaled to line up in an orderly fashion at the designated exits for the area they are working in. An adult will lead the line of children to the designated meeting place. An adult will follow the line.
  • Upon evacuating the lead teacher will take the attendance sheet and the rolodex with contact numbers with her - unless it is unsafe to secure them.
  • The director or staff person highest in chain of command will make a quick sweep of the building to make sure there are no children left in the building.
  • When everyone is at the designated meeting site, roll will be taken to insure that all children are accounted for.
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