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  • When the fire alarm sounds, evacuation procedures should begin immediately in a calm, orderly fashion.
  • If someone discovers a fire and the alarm has not sounded, that person should blow the whistle that is hanging in the room for that purpose. This will signal the need for evacuation. If it is a small fire and it is safe to do so, a fire extinguisher can be used to extinguish the fire. All staff should know how to use the fire extinguishers.
  • Evacuation procedures should be initiated by all staff.
  • The staff person who is the highest in the chain of command on the premises shall meet the fire officials upon their arrival.
  • Staff should try to keep the children calm.
  • No one should re-enter the building unless it is deemed safe to do so by the fire officials.
  • If the building cannot be re-entered due to safety reasons, parents are to be called by the director – or other designated person. Parents are to be given instructions about where to pick up their children.
  • Fire drills shall be conducted monthly.

Disaster drills shall be conducted and documented quarterly. Each drill shall focus on one disaster that might be encountered at the school.

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