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Shelter in Place

Shelter in Place Procedure should be conducted when you are instructed to do so by emergency personnel, your radio or television emergency broadcast, you see a vapor cloud, or if you smell an unusual odor outside.

  1. Gather all children inside
  2. Call 911, if you have not already done so. Designated person to turn on and listen to local radio station for emergency information.
  3. Close and lock windows (locked windows seal better).
  4. Turn off heating and cooling system. Close as many interior doors as possible.
  5. Seal gaps around doors, window, ventilation vents, bathroom exhaust fans, etc. with plastic.
  6. Stay alert to loudspeaker announcements. Emergency personnel may give you instructions via loudspeaker or door to door.
  7. If determined necessary, provide some breathing protection by covering mouths and noses with damp cloth.
  8. If there is danger of explosion stay away from windows. Close blinds.
  9. Stay in touch with responding emergency personnel.
  10. Director and emergency personnel will determine whether to stay sheltered or to evacuate.
  11. Advise parents not to pick up children until the incident is over. The presence of parents searching for their children may cause confusion and lead to exposure to toxic chemicals. Once sheltered in place, you will not want to open the door to let parents in and out.
  12. Have emergency supplies and emergency contact cards handy
  13. Once the incident is over, inform parents, take down plastic, and turn ventilation system back on.
  14. Report incident to licensor and complete a written report.
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