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Spokane Montessori Disaster Preparedness Plan

This plan is designed to ensure that you know what our procedures are in the event of a crisis or disaster. If such an event should occur, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to protect your child. Please read and review this plan.

With crisis or disaster, your cooperation is necessary in the following ways:

  • Please do not telephone the school. Telephone lines will be needed for emergency communications for the first four (4) hours.
  • Listen to local radio station 1510 AM for updates.
  • Provide an out-of-area contact number.
  • Provide the school with a 72 hour supply of any medication or medical supplies that your child may need on an ongoing basis.

Spokane Montessori School conducts quarterly disaster drills. These drills include bomb threats, natural disasters, hazardous materials accident and so on. This will be done in addition to our monthly fire drills.

In the event of an actual crisis or disaster, the teachers will care for your child until you or the person you have designated are able to safely pick them up. Be sure to keep your child’s emergency release form updated. Children will only be released to those you have specified on this form. We will also utilize the phone numbers on the emergency release form should we need to relocate to our alternate site.

Our alternate site is: North Wall Child Development Center
(This is located 4 blocks north of our school at 9408 N. Wall)

If phone lines are unavailable, utilize your out-of-area contact number for information. If possible we will call that number to give information on your child and see if you have left any information for us.

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