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Storm and Snowstorm Policy

If a snowstorm occurs overnight - Spokane Montessori will remain open as long as Mead school district is open, staff is able to get to the school and the school has power.

(Watch news reports, listen to the radio or check online to find out if Mead is operating).

  • If Mead school district is closed than SMS will be closed.
  • Please call daily and check the SMS answering machine to be sure of our status in the event of a major storm.

If a snowstorm or storm occurs during business hours we will remain open and at the school as long as it is safe to do so. If we must close the school the director will notify a parent or emergency contact person with instructions regarding our situation.

If weather conditions prevent a parent or legal guardian from reaching the facility to recover a child, the center staff will care for the child (maintaining proper staff to child ratios) until such time as the parent, legal guardian, or emergency contact person can safely claim the child. The disaster supplies will be used as needed.

If the above persons cannot claim the child within 72 hours of the center’s closing the director will contact police to transport the child to a Child Protective Services care site.

  • Director will report incident to licensor.
  • Director will complete a written incident report at the earliest opportunity.

There will be no refunds of tuition as a result of closure due to external and/or environmental circumstances beyond the schools control.

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