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Ten Commandments for Montessori Parents

  1. Please bring your child before 9:00am. We try very hard to preserve the morning hours as a cherished time when the children can work without being interrupted. It’s a matter of respect for them and their activity!
  2. Please send healthy, well balanced lunches for your child. If you are in the habit of sending desserts, please send healthy ones.
  3. Learning self-care is a major developmental task for Montessori children. Our children are taught how to remove their own coats, hand them up, and put their own lunch boxes on top of the cubby. Please allow them to do this. We will help if necessary. Let them walk into the school – do not carry them. It’s a way to treat them with dignity and to nurture their growth in independence.
  4. We thank you for using the entry way as your drop off and pick up location. It was designed for parents and children to say their hellos and good-byes without distraction from other students or activities.
  5. Please feel free to schedule an appointment to visit and see the classroom in action. (Any time after October)
  6. Please remember to pay your monthly snack fee in one payment or on a monthly basis.
  7. Please have your child keep their toys at home. Nappers may bring one stuffed animal for cuddling at naptime. No other toys are allowed!
  8. When you are dropping off or picking up your child please give him/her your undivided attention. They are so excited to say goodbye and watch you go or to greet you with news about their day.
  9. Please use the sign in and out sheet everyday. We are required to attain your legal signature with each drop off and pick up.
  10. If your child becomes upset when separating from you, please realize that the child almost always becomes calm and happy soon after you leave. It is usually best not to linger, but leave quickly after a reassuring hug and “good bye”, and then call the school to check on how they’re doing later in the day. We will lest you know if the distress continues.
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