2.5 – 6 years old

Students must be at least 2.5 years old and no older than 6 years old in order to begin school September 1st.

3 to 4 Year Commitment

Spokane Montessori’s program is a 3 to 4 year commitment. We count on having children grow within the classroom community with opportunities to feel the roles of “youngest,” “middle-aged,” and finally, “old and wise!” The Montessori philosophy and curriculum assumes the child stays with the program through kindergarten. We assume that all families enrolling children are committing to the full length of the program, i.e., through the child’s kindergarten year.

Bathroom Independent

Students must be bathroom independent. Great skills to practice: hand washing, pulling pants up and down, flushing toilet, wiping properly, getting on and off the toilet safely, changing own clothes after an accident etc..

Schedule Options/2024-25 Tuition Rates

  • Annual Registration Fee – $175.00 (annual)
  • Half time – 9am-1pm – $890.00 per month
  • Class time – 9am-3pm – $990.00 per month
  • Full time – 7:30am-5pm – $1200.00 per month